Background and Concept

Over the last decade Favro developer Hansoft has grown to become a global leader in the agile software space, with companies around the world using Hansofts tools to manage their projects as they transition to agile enterprises.

In 2014 Hansoft approached us with their idea of the next generation of collaboration apps for teams. We started out by developing a 20-page pitch for the project and were quickly invited to co-design the app, brand, website, and online marketing over an 18 month period.

Desktop UX

After the initial design pitch was accepted a long process of sketching the UX foundation for the desktop application was started. The process was done in close collaboration with Hansoft, and literally hundreds of screens, menus and popups were tested and iterated upon.

Icon Library

During this process we also started building an icon library, which gradually grew as the application expanded. A set of rules and a grid on which the icons were constructed ensured that the library could keep growing without loosing it’s consistent look.